Erik Gort is born in 1968 in Eindhoven in the Netherlands.

As a 15 year old he started to practise to qualify to Studdy sports and when he became 17 he was selected out of over 1100 people and was the yougest of that year. He graduated in 1989 and was working after that as a Coach and instructor for Fitness, Baseball, Surfing and Skiing.

After he joined the Army as a seargent, what he not really liked, he went to Stuttgart in Germany where he lived for over 20 Years.

He loves to help people with their life and mentoring them.

But he also likes to educate himself so he started further into Self-development, Time-management, Business-managment, Sales and Finance.

In 2000 he was graduated as a Certified financial consultant and thrue the years he build a team of over 50 people to work with him as consultants. He was mentoring over 1200 people thrue the years on a longterm basis and worked with everyody from employies up to highpayed entrepreneurs and succesfull businessowners.

His mindset is and always was, to help people, learning, teaching them how to deal with Situations. Train them the minset and the skills to manage themselves and the Situations their in.

The question is, who´s is gonna help you on a longer term when you can´t find the right way for yourself.

In 2014 his hunger for new adventure started to grow and if something happens like that? He goes for it.

He wanted to do something totally different.

Working with new people and find new ways.

He moved to London end of 2014 and in the last two years he started to put together his more than 25 years of expirience on to “paper”.

What the outcome is?

A mentoring programm for entrepreneurs and businesspeople, but also for all the people who wants to go the extra mile, who are motivated to change and expirience a whole new life feeling.